Perry Como – Some Enchanted Evening

First Hit #1: July 30, 1949

I hate this song. I probably hate South Pacific, the musical it comes from, but I haven’t seen it. Regardless, I hate the song for the same reason I hate Kiss Alive and I hate Nickleback’s Photograph. Why? It’s pandering, like Gene Simmons asking a room of drunk people whether they like alcohol or not and and Chad Kroger using amusing photographs to get play at small town graduations.

Is it a bad song? Not necessarily, it’s just built out of components to get the most emotional impact out of the vaguest possible context. The instrumentation is big to command attention, Como’s vocal is just heartfelt enough, and the lyrics are willfully vague in order to sucker in loving couples saying “hey, that’s just like us when we we met!” It’s a song that says absolutely nothing while appearing to be a heartfelt love song. I hate it.

Love songs either need to be grounded somewhere genuine or be sung by Nat King Cole, who could probably make this work because his voice is so amazing. This is neither of those things, and as a result I can’t stand it.

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2 Responses to Perry Como – Some Enchanted Evening

  1. ann ledesma says:

    I’ve hated this song since the moment i heard it. it’s basically about glands and that feeling lasts about a week, maybe two, before fizzling. I think the line that pukes me the most is the one about hearing her laughter in his dreams. if i heard somebody cackling all night i’d go batpoo.

  2. 94SideKick says:

    If you hate this song so much, why isn’t it under A regrettable tune?

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