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Johnny Preston – Running Bear

First Hit #1: January 18, 1960 For some reason, the first few songs of 1960 are all about doomed love. Running Bear, which adds a Native American twist to a pretty standard doomed love tale, isn’t a better song than … Continue reading

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Marty Robbins – El Paso

First Hit #1: January 4, 1960 Last time I reached the end of a decade, I did a big long thing about the best and worst songs. This time, I’ve decided against it, mostly because the 50’s were a lot … Continue reading

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Frankie Avalon – Why

First Hit #1: December 28, 1959 Earlier, I expressed that perhaps I don’t give Frankie Avalon a chance because he’s a teen idol. He’s capable of good pop music, Venus for example, but then my Y chromosome kicks in and … Continue reading

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Guy Mitchell – Heartaches by the Number

First Hit #1: December 14, 1959 The first thought I had while listening to this track was of a video of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher being very critical of some other song called Heartache because it didn’t sound … Continue reading

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The Fleetwoods – Mr. Blue

First Hit #1: November 16, 1959 I’ve got to admit, I’m not a big fan of the Fleetwoods, and it’s because their songs seem to be a draft away from being great. Mr. Blue has a great melody, good lyrics … Continue reading

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Bobby Darin – Mack the Knife

First Hit #1: October 5, 1959 If there’s one lesson that can be taken from the late ’50s, it’s that you shouldn’t listen to Dick Clark. For one, he’s responsible for the bowdlerized version of Stagger Lee, which really is … Continue reading

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Santo and Johnny – Sleep Walk

First Hit #1: September 21, 1959 I’ve made no secret of this, but I think the world is ready for another instrumental hit. Not like The Happy Organ, where it was an instrumental structured like it needed lyrics, but like … Continue reading

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