Brenda Lee – I Want to be Wanted

First Hit #1: October 24, 1960

Brenda Lee is yet again being a naive little girl, and I Want to be Wanted is the kind of song that, had a grown woman sang it, would just sound sad and desperate. It’s about a highly idealized form of love that everyone secretly searches for, the perfect person who loves them all the time. It’s the kind of thing that a young woman like Brenda Lee would obsess over, but a grown woman might not be quite so enamored with. The thing with love is there is no perfect love, people are imperfect creatures and love is about getting past all of the flaws to come together and appreciate each other for who you are as individual. Failed love stories involve people who can’t get past the idea of perfection and soul mates, and becomes frustrated with said imperfections. That’s why a song like this wouldn’t work for a grown woman. But when you’re fifteen the world is pure and anything can happen, and Brenda Lee sounds every inch a naive teenager, so her songs tend to work.

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