Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs – Stay

First Hit #1: November 21, 1960

The year opened with a relatively long song hitting the top of the charts, and now the penultimate 1960 #1 is a song that is the shortest ever to hit the top. That’s Stay, which is one of those songs about getting your girlfriend to stick around after she’s supposed to. It’s easy material, because it’s something every young man – and possibly even old man – has done. Girls might want to go home, but their boys don’t like the idea, for all sorts of reasons.

Stay is notable partially because of its brevity, partially because it’s pretty catchy, and partly because it has this strange, extremely high pitched voice come in somewhere in the middle of the song. It’s just odd, and I’m not sure why pop artists resorted to shoving a really strange voice in the middle of a song. It happens more than once, and I’m really not sure why.

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