The Shirelles – Will You Love me Tomorrow

First Hit #: January 30, 1961

If Wonderland By Night wrapped up the evening, the Shirelles tackle what happens after the last dance of the night. The era was certainly too polite for someone to write a song that is explicitly about sex, but this gets close enough, with a woman asking her partner if he’ll still love her the next day. In essence, she wants to know if he wants her or just her love, love being code for vagina. Like all songs of the era about sex, it lets you in on enough information to know what it’s really about while keeping it in the shadows just enough so that the dim people who are outraged by these things are kept at bay. It’s a trick which I honestly wish more modern songs would employ, not because I’m a prude but because it’s a bit more clever and even sometimes bit sexier than either outright saying it – Enrique Iglesias’ hit “Tonight (I’m fucking you)” makes him sound less like a romantic, more like a sexual predator – or doing something clumsy and awkward like calling a song “If you seek Amy”.

Besides, as someone with a niece, I appreciate all songs that are about women who only give up the goods for men who deserve it – preferably with matrimony on their mind. Funny how that happens when you’re related to a young girl.

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