Chubby Checker – Pony Time

First Hit #1: February 27, 1961

The shadow of the Twist loomed large over Chubby Checker for the majority of his career. There is a reason for this, and that reason is Pony Time.

Well, it’s not really the song itself, but what the song indicates about Checker. It was still a hit, sure, but it showed that Checker wasn’t really able to move on from the song that made him a household name. Pony Time is very similar to the Twist in its structure and content. It’s about doing this crazy new dance, it describes the dance, and then brings up a silly little story about people who enjoy doing the dance. The difference is that Pony Time is not as catchy as the twist, and more importantly, the dance doesn’t sound nearly as fun. Why do you want to pretend you’re a pony? That’s just dumb Chubby, you should be ashamed of yourself.

At the time when an artist needed to show some slight artistic growth, Checker went and did a retread. Now he’s the Twist guy, and nothing more.

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