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The Four Seasons – Walk Like a Man

First Hit #1: March 2, 1963 Well, the Four Seasons make some progress. The verses, at least, are sung like a normal human being, though there is still plenty of falsetto to stab you in the ears. It’s also a … Continue reading

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Paul and Paula – Hey Paula

First Hit #1: February 9, 1963 Fun fact: My dad had an uncle and aunt named Paul and Paula. However, they were married well before this song came out, even though their similarities in names caused me to be amused … Continue reading

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Rooftop Singers – Walk Right In

First Hit #1: January 26, 1963 Usually youtube comments are the dregs of the internet, as people whine about Justin Bieber, say extraordinarily stupid things or try desperately to get a bunch of likes for their repetitive comments. Yet, there … Continue reading

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Steve Lawrence – Go Away Little Girl

First Hit #1: January 12, 1963 Recently, I played the game Catherine. It’s about a young man in a committed relationship who keeps getting tempted by a woman outside of that relationship. As this happens, various other stuff goes on … Continue reading

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The Tornados – Telstar

First Hit #1: December 22, 1962 I said the British were coming, slowly, didn’t I? Here’s the second British hit of 1962, and a warning shot about the coming invasion, which would apparently involve space. British pop musicians were nothing … Continue reading

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The Four Seasons – Big Girls Don’t Cry

First Hit #1: November 17, 1962 I hate the Four Seasons. I actually didn’t realize it until now, even though their songs have popped up repeatedly over the years in various different formats – this one was in a shampoo … Continue reading

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The Crystals (sort of) – He’s a Rebel

First Hit #1: November 2, 1962 The credit on the box says the Crystals. Yet, the Crystals didn’t sing on the track – and, from reports, didn’t know the track was being released under their name until they heard it … Continue reading

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