Bobby Vee – Take Good Care of my Baby

First Hit #1: September 18, 1961

Somewhere on the wilds of the Internet, there’s a site dedicated to Passive-Aggressive notes. I bring it up because here we have Bobby Vee singing what can only be described as a passive aggressive song. It’s all about how you’ve only got your girl because Bobby Vee screwed up, and really he’s her true love and all that so maybe you should change your mind and send her back. It’s one of the saddest, most weak-willed sentiments I’ve ever heard in an up-tempo pop song.

It’s an interesting track, mostly because the further it goes the more I think Vee is an asshole. I mean, who goes up to someone’s new boyfriend and still refers to the lady as “his” baby. And the whole “send her back home to me” thing is just ridiculous, she left you Vee. I imagine his former baby is, by now, sick of his attempts to sabotage her relationships and she wishes he’d just give up already. The passage about how if he’d be true she’d never be with the new guy paints an even worse picture – if he wasn’t “true,” then he probably cheated on her, great behavior sir.

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