The Marvelettes – Please Mr. Postman

First Hit #1: December 11, 1961

And now, to provide contrast with imposing men, are the Marvelettes, who may have imposing hair but are instead much more concerned with a somewhat more… whiny subject. See, Please Mr. Postman is about a lady waiting for mail, because her boyfriend is far away and she hasn’t heard anything. It’s a fun little conceit, though on reflection one wonders if the postman in question isn’t getting tired of the Marvelettes constantly asking him for a letter.

Still, if one had to be harassed by a lonely woman, being harassed by this group would at least treat you to a catchy song and some decent harmonies. It’s not perfect, some of the voices are just weird – one of the higher ones repeating “wait a minute” is bizarre – but it’s catchy, and the insistent nature of the lyrics allow for a bit of repetition. It’s supposed to be an annoying idea delivered in a catchy way, and while it’s clear that the postman at this point is sick of them, they manage to make it a fun and catchy little number.

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