Joey Dee and the Starliters – Peppermint Twist Part 1

First Hit #1: January 27, 1962

1962 started in a very odd way. The Twist, a two year old song, covered already by this project, hit #1 again. Then, it was followed immediately by Peppermint Twist, which is called a “new” dance in the song but sounds suspiciously similar to the existing twist. Truly, January of 1962 was a time of twisting.

The Peppermint Twist should, by merit of its title, have a bit more flavor than the regular twist, or perhaps be a bit more refreshing. Instead, Joey Dee can’t manage the same energy as Chubby Checker, and the song seems to be more about diminishing returns. It’s just not as energetic or interesting as the original, and Dee is more concerned with following the tropes of the “new dance” genre of pop music rather than putting his own distinct stamp on the music. It’s certainly alright in many ways, but if I need one twist in my life, it’s got to be the original flavor.

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