Shelley Fabares – Johnny Angel

First Hit #1: April 7, 1962

This is the most sickly sweet song ever recorded. It’s the aural equivalent of whipped cream and candy hearts on an angel food cake. The angelic voices contribute part of the sickly sweet atmosphere, but most of it comes down to Fabares, who captures that little girl in a cute dress dreaming about boys vibe quite perfectly. She is dreaming about a guy named Johnny Angel and he ignores her. Considering he’s named Johnny Angel, I suspect he’s either training to be a very tough cop and doesn’t have time for women, or he’s making pretty dresses and doesn’t have much interest in them as date material. She, on the other hand, probably spends most of her time squealing with her friends and drawing hearts on things. The lush production and Fabares’ precious vocals conspire to make it a confection a bit too sweet for grownups.

The sweetness isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but it’s definitely a toothache inducing track if you’re not prepared for it.

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