The Shirelles – Soldier Boy

First Hit #1: May 5, 1962

There is something surprisingly childish about this song. It might be the very simple melody, or it might be the simple sentiment behind it – just another tale of devotion after all – but Soldier Boy isn’t all that interesting a track. It would sound just as good sung by a kindergarten class as it does sung by a professional vocal group.

So, naturally, the song is produced within an inch of its life, since that’s the clear solution for an overly simple track. The drum fills, the various instrumental parts, the many effects on the intro, this song has a ton of production behind it, which makes its relative simplicity and light-hearted nothingness stand out all the more. There’s just not that much there, and piling the effects and hiring a top shelf vocal group to sing it doesn’t do much to hide how little there is to work with.

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