Tommy Roe – Sheila

First Hit #1: September 1, 1962

Do you like Peggy Sue but are dating a woman named Sheila? Well have I got the song for you! Sheila, by Tommy Roe, is a shameless riff on Peggy Sue. It is, effectively, the same song, and Tommy Roe is trying desperately hard to be Buddy Holly’s Mexican Non-Union Equivalent, ripping off the driving background music wholesale and even developing the song around the name of the girl at the center of the song.

It’s not as good as Peggy Sue, it is just a lesser version of an overall good idea. I can understand why someone would want to just do Peggy Sue for fans of ladies named Sheila, and songs have done a lot with samples from older material, but it’s just kind of distracting. I’m not sure if Tommy Roe didn’t think people would notice, or it was an accidental tribute, but it seems kind of silly to release a barely modified version of an already popular song, sung in a very similar manner.

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