Steve Lawrence – Go Away Little Girl

First Hit #1: January 12, 1963

Recently, I played the game Catherine. It’s about a young man in a committed relationship who keeps getting tempted by a woman outside of that relationship. As this happens, various other stuff goes on involving dreams and the occult – it’s a very strange game – but the core dilemma of the game involves what he should do about his relationships, something drawn out over interminable cutscenes. At the end of the day, everything in the game has already been said by Go Away Little Girl, a song about the same anxiety and relationship trouble, but much shorter and less prone to weird nonsense.

It’s one of the better summations of the struggle surrounding fidelity that I’ve heard, and it also takes the high road by keeping it strictly about the one who is trying to stay faithful. He isn’t blaming the little girl, he’s admitting it’s his own damn fault that he can’t control his urges around her. It’s his struggle to be faithful.

That said, while lyrically potent, the song does have one problem, that being the music itself. It’s not really musically adventurous, and Lawrence’s vocals are somewhat processed, so it sounds kind of flat. I hopped between thinking it was novel and being annoyed by the style, and right now I can’t help but think it was a bit bland.

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