Paul and Paula – Hey Paula

First Hit #1: February 9, 1963

Fun fact: My dad had an uncle and aunt named Paul and Paula. However, they were married well before this song came out, even though their similarities in names caused me to be amused when I looked at the family history. So it made me somewhat disappointed when the singers on this track weren’t actually named Paul and Paula, but Ray and Jill. It’s made out of lies! Or inspired by my late great uncle and his lovely late wife. I like the second one.

This is a song very much of its time, since I can’t imagine a song about people fresh out of school would fly in the world today. People just don’t get married under twenty, and lines about waiting for school to be over make it sound quite weird to modern ears. But, it’s sweet, as a love story between two sweethearts somewhere on the cusp of adulthood. The nice thing is it’s not actually naive about the prospect of marriage, half the song is about how getting married isn’t really that easy but it’s something that people in love do. It recognizes the challenges, but suggests they’re worth it for the sake of the other. A nice sentiment, but these kids should probably wait another five years before tying the knot. Sorry Ray and Jill.

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