The Four Seasons – Walk Like a Man

First Hit #1: March 2, 1963

Well, the Four Seasons make some progress. The verses, at least, are sung like a normal human being, though there is still plenty of falsetto to stab you in the ears. It’s also a passive-aggressive piss show of a song, which pisses me off almost much as the annoying chorus. The Four Seasons know how to push my buttons, and I’ve never quite found a redeeming feature for any of their songs. Even this one, the kindest thing I can say is it’s not quite as awful as the other songs they recorded. Great job guys! You’re really pushing the envelope!

Seriously, early ’60s, what the hell was wrong with you? Why did you buy Four Seasons records? They’re awful. Terrible. Woeful. Worst things ever recorded. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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