Lesley Gore – It’s My Party

First Hit #1: June 1, 1963

This is a lot less annoying than I remember it being. No really, I was all about to go on a lengthy screed about how grating this silly little song is, but now listening to it, actually it’s pretty good. It is a song that sounds really awful through the thin, low-spec speakers attached to farm equipment, but put it on a stereo that wasn’t worth a grand total of $5 new, and then you get a pretty catchy little number about how teenage girls are actually kind of creepy in a way.

Okay fine that wasn’t the intent. Instead, much like some other teen girl love songs, it’s about a girl who is in love with a man, and thinks the universe has decreed that said man must also be with her forever. In this case, said man is clearly not sharing her opinion, so he decides to get engaged to someone else at her birthday party. This is, in effect, a dick move, and explains the title, but it is pretty fun and upbeat for a song about a girl getting spurned on her birthday. Yeah, the chorus is repetitive, but it’s not too bad, and Lesley Gore puts in a pretty believable performance – she even sounds like she’s pouting a bit, nice trick.

Just don’t listen to it in a grain truck.

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