The Essex – Easier Said than Done

First Hit #1: July 6, 1963

There’s something very cute about this song. It’s a love song for the shy, as a woman totally is smitten by a man, but can’t talk to him and thus will wind up as a lonely spinster. Okay that’s being overly dramatic, but it is still a bit of a cute conceit, as everyone’s telling her to at least talk to the man, and she can’t. It’s like watching puppies fight over a football, inescapably cute.

Cute though it may be, it isn’t a great song, because there isn’t enough song. It’s got a decent breakdown in the middle, but the chorus repeats a lot for a track that barely breaks two minutes, and the backing track doesn’t seem to have much to it. If a song is only 2:10 and still manages to overstay its welcome, there are problems there, and Easier Said than Done can’t sustain its paltry running time. A cute idea, but not enough of it.

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