Bobby Vinton – Blue Velvet

First Hit #1: September 21, 1963

And now, from the accidentally creepy file, here’s Blue Velvet, a song David Lynch ruined. Seriously, watch Blue Velvet and the song changes completely, and it’s just not Bobby Vinton’s fault. So, one has to put the effort in to keep the film far from their mind.

Well, on it’s own, it’s a love song that is sung in a very interesting way, which keeps it interesting. Vinton takes the song down strange alleys and the odd dive bar, which is a sentence almost pitchforkian in its combination of pretension and muddled metaphors. Still, he never sings a line quite how you would expect him to, taking unexpected notes and transitioning between verses in a fairly unorthodox manner. It’s actually sort of unstable in the way the melody goes, giving the impression of an unreliable narrator even though there’s not much for him to lie about. But then again, am I just associating it with the film again? David Lynch does make it difficult to listen with fresh ears.

No matter my influences, Blue Velvet is a compelling piece of work that needs to be listened to at least once.

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