Jimmy Gilmer – Sugar Shack

First Hit #1: October 12, 1963

Sugar Shack is one of those song which you’re convinced has to be about something more nefarious than it is. On the surface, it’s about a man who goes to a really good, out of the way coffee shop and meets a lovely waitress. It’s happy, it’s perky, and it’s so utterly innocent that can’t possibly be what it’s actually about. I mean, Sugar Shack sounds at least a little dirty, doesn’t it? And who writes a song about drinking some good coffee?

It’s probably completely innocent, like so many other songs that have less than noble meanings attached. But for some reason, it’s difficult to accept such an innocent little ditty doesn’t have a dark underbelly to it.

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One Response to Jimmy Gilmer – Sugar Shack

  1. PuppyLove says:

    Thank goodness. I thought it was just me.

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