The Singing Nun – Dominique

First Hit #1: December 7, 1963

From the first notes, you’ll think “How on earth did this stay at the top of the charts for an entire month?” It’s not very common that a religious song hits the top of the chart, or a song in French, or a song by a nun, or a song that has the decidedly weird opening notes that go very high and strange. But Dominique has it all, and was absolutely huge. I’m almost inclined to consider it a novelty song, but there’s no obvious novelty. Were people just fascinated by the idea of a nun singing?

It sounds so strange and out of place, but it was a massive hit. I can’t imagine it fitting comfortably on a radio playlist, it’s not going to bring people to the dance floor, and it’s just an odd song to listen to even in private. It’s a head scratcher, though I am fairly happy it hit number one, just because it’s so out of left field.

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3 Responses to The Singing Nun – Dominique

  1. Jeff Mitchell says:

    Remember, this hit #1 only two weeks after JFK was assassinated. Although it was already fast climbing up the charts just before November 22, the grieving state of the country–and the world–was such that it practically guaranteed that a song like that would become the biggest hit on the charts. Heck, if “Ave Maria” had been released at that time it might have hit #1 too.

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