Bobby Vinton – There! I’ve Said it Again

First Hit #1: January 4, 1964

It’s 1964, so those who have memories of musical history know that the landscape is about to change slightly. I wasn’t there, so I can’t tell you if people knew just what was about to happen, how a certain mania would strike the nation, but There! I’ve Said it Again is a bit of a calm before the storm. Part of this is because it’s, well, calm, it’s a slow and sincere love song. It doesn’t have a deep message, it doesn’t have layers of meaning, it’s just a man declaring his love.

That’s fantastic, in fact, there’s nothing wrong with something completely sincere. I’d like to imagine this being the first dance at weddings around the world. It’s not trying to say anything great or mysterious, it’s just a love song, and a good love song like that. It’s all it wants to be, and all it needs to be. It’s got a purity to it that enhances the message – the message being little more than “I love you” – and it works because nothing gets in the way of that. Love never really goes out of style, and Bobby Vinton made a superior track about love.

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