The Beatles – She Loves You

First Hit #1: March 21, 1964

The Beatles continue their assault on the US charts with She Loves You, a song which is right in the same rough sonic template as the song covered yesterday. It’s not really pushing the boundaries as much, but since the band had very recently re-arranged all the boundaries, there’s nothing wrong with that.

She Loves You is slightly less indebted to girl groups than I Wanna Hold Your Hand, taking a different approach to that subject every silly young person can’t get enough of – love. Taking the view of an outside observer to two different pop songs – I swear we’ve seen the “I miss you” tracks from both genders at this point – the Beatles seek the two parties’ reconciliation, promising a happy outcome if the male half will suck it up and apologize to the female. She Loves You is perhaps the first song about a frustrated acquaintance between two friends, a position I have, in fact, been in. It’s a subject ripe for exploration, and while the Beatles don’t do that much with it, it’s still some pretty interesting territory and the song is a nice, poppy approximation of that conversation everyone in that position has had.

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