The Beatles – Can’t Buy Me Love

First Hit #1: April 4, 2011

One thing you notice about the Beatles’ first three big American hits is that when listened to in quick succession, they don’t sound extremely different from each other. This is notable when you approach the music from decades down the road, since you’re well aware that this will not be the case over the band’s career. It was a young band at the time, and that impulse to explore different ideas was there, but not fully developed.

Of the first three hits, Can’t Buy Me Love might be the weakest. It’s not really the most adventurous, and lyrically is goes to the tired well of love being all you need. They would return to this well in the future. While the first two took on a familiar subject in slightly unique ways, this song doesn’t really do much with the material. It sounds like they’re trying to fill some space, which they often did with covers at this point. On it’s own, it’s a good song, but when presented with the rest of the early hits, it falls a little flat.

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