Mary Wells – My Guy

First Hit #1: May 16, 1964

In a return of the Sister Act hits, here’s My Guy, which doesn’t turn creepy when it’s just about a man.

If there’s a type of group that weren’t going to be affected by the rise of the Beatles, it was the girl group. While credited to Mary Wells, this is very much in the girl group tradition, a light love song with inventive production, interesting harmonies and a good beat. They were some of the most obvious influences on the early Beatles, and Mary Wells proves why with this track.

My Guy fits right in with the general musical atmosphere of the year, taking a love song and doing it in a slightly different way. My Guy is about devotion above all, as Wells sings about how she’ll always be there for her man, since they’re happy and she’s devoted. It’s a side of romance that doesn’t get the coverage you would expect, and certainly rarely gets upbeat and fun songs like this one. This is a song for two people in a long term relationship, it’s not fleeting or lustful, it’s totally long haul. There’s also nothing weird about her devotion, in the song she’s committed for no other reason than her guy makes her happy, and that’s really what love is all about. Nothing will tear them apart simply because there’s nothing better than being with each other. It’s a simple and pure sentiment, and something that still happy long married couples could understand.

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