The Four Seasons – Rag Doll

First Hit #1: July 18, 1964

So far, 1964 has been a banner year for music. I’ve been clicking the good song box more than ever before, and even the weaker tracks are pretty solid pieces of music. Only in a year like ’64 could Love Me Do be considered a disappointment, after all. But, of course, there must be a fly in the proverbial ointment, and that comes in the form of the Four Seasons, who still exist for some reason. Possibly to provide proof that god doesn’t, I’m not sure.

That said, a rising tide lifts all boats, and while Rag Doll is undoubtedly the worst song released in the year so far, as far as Four Seasons songs go it’s on the cusp of being tolerable. The vocals aren’t in a piercing falsetto for the verses at least, and the opening vocal is actually pretty good for the most part, and the lyrics are almost socially relevant, albeit filtered through a horny teenager. Of course, then the falsetto kicks in during the chorus, and it quickly reminds me why the Four Seasons are the worst group in popular music thus far. Also, it has the line “I’d turn her sad rags into glad rags” which is awful.

So yeah, 1964 is such a good year for pop music that not even the Four Seasons can bring it down.

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