Manfred Mann – Doo Wah Diddy Diddy

First Hit #1: October 17, 1964

Have I mentioned the influence of girl groups yet? I think I have, and now here’s a song that probably should have been performed by a girl group. The arrangement seems well suited to a flashy young lady powering through while her less interesting bandmates handle the Doo Wah Diddys. With men handling the vocal duties, I’m not quite as sold, mostly because I don’t think the lead singer here is that much different from the rest of his band. As a result, the chorus is a bit of a trainwreck as the voices run into and over each other. The choruses are fine, and it’s otherwise a fun song with a bit of a punch. I would even be able to accept an all male version of it if the singers were a bit more distinct from each other. But the men of Manfred Mann all kind of sound the same, and it kind of ruins the intended effect.

I admit that in other years I might have been pretty happy with this. Damn you 1964 and your high standards!

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