The Supremes – Baby Love

First Hit #1: October 31, 1964

After Manfred Mann, we get a lesson on how to arrange a song like this, albeit a bit of a sloppy one. The Supremes who aren’t Diana Ross are pushed into the background and relegated to the chorus, giving texture to the song. Ross herself, as the lead and most interesting singer, takes over the center of the song, not really throwing her weight around but giving a strong performance that keeps her as the main focus and distinct from the other Supremes. That is how you arrange a girl band song.

However, it is a sloppy example, because of the way the instrumental break is incorporated. I’m not sure of the intention, but it sounds a lot like someone missed their cue and just let the backing band take over while they recovered. Diana Ross just kind of stops singing at an illogical point in the line, and the other Supremes continue and awkwardly break off. It just doesn’t make sense as anything other than a mistake, and that makes it sound sloppy. A shame, because it’s otherwise really solid.

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