The Beatles – I Feel Fine

First Hit #1: December 26, 1964

It’s only appropriate that ’64 should be capped off with a single from the biggest band of ’64. I Feel Fine is a rarity, since it’s basically a song about contentment. We don’t get an extremely deep picture of the relationship, but it’s just a relationship where everyone involved just likes each other and is happy, propelled along by a guitar riff that is joyous and fun. It’s not a particularly deep portrait of a relationship, but it’s got a spring in its step and it probably describes more than a few couples accurately. Everyone here is content in some way, and while that doesn’t provide much in the way of drama it does make for a fun song to play at a number of events. Good enough for me.

It also uses feedback for the first time in a major recording. I think my favorite thing about The Beatles is that they’re not afraid to do things that would probably horrify the old school recording engineers of the era.

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