Petula Clark – Downtown

First Hit #1: January 23, 1965

When I was a kid, a lightly altered version of this song – changed to “Midtown” – was the jingle for a nearby mall – the Midtown Plaza. They didn’t need to change very much. It is effectively a jingle, for the awesome adventure that is going downtown. Everything’s better downtown! There are movie shows and people and all sorts of other fun and exciting things! Downtown is the place to be, clearly, and if you are part of a tourism board advertising your downtown shopping district please write to Petula Clark at…

It is a maddeningly catchy number, and it does capture the fun and excitement that a quick ad for a new block of businesses really needs to capture your ear. It’s just such a ridiculously commercial thing. I mean that not in the sense that it can sell, but that it sounds like it was literally a commercial. It’s not even my childhood mind connecting it to a popular jingle derived from it – Ringo Starr’s No No No song will always be about no GST and no money down, no matter what the actual lyrics are – it’s just about the joy of going to a popular shopping district and the fun that can be had there. I wonder if people buying it all worked downtown, and just wanted the airwaves reminding people how great their area of town was.

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