Gary Lewis and the Playboys – This Diamond Ring

First Hit #1: February 20, 1965

In another case of songs I remember as being more annoying than they actually are, here’s This Diamond Ring. I’m not sure if I remember a different version, or if Gary Lewis and co just sound really bad coming out of cheap grain truck speakers, but this is actually a pretty respectable piece of ’60s rock. It is pretty indebted to contemporary trends, but in this case, the trends are pretty great so there’s nothing wrong with that. Outside of that, it is a weird passive aggressive thing, as the bitter singer offers a ring for sale after the lady who wore it discarded. In some ways, it’s ahead of its time, since it presages those kiss off ebay auctions of wedding paraphernalia by at least 40 years. The ring is awesome, but the relationship is over, and there’s just a bit of bitterness filtering through.

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