Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders – The Game of Love

First Hit #1: April 24, 1965

My primary memory of this song is modifying the lyrics slightly in order to anger my feminist sister – “serve her man” rather than “love her man”. Growing up, this was a bit of a jerk move but that’s just how siblings are, constantly trying to get the other one mad for no real purpose. That doesn’t have that much to do with the song, outside of annoying one’s sister being the primary purpose of the track. It’s not particularly deep, and it is extremely repetitive. It’s basically the start of an idea, without much follow through. As a result, the initially catchy chorus begins to grate about midway through the song, and the various changes in tempo seem to exist to shove several different unfinished variations together. It’s just a bit of a mess, to be honest.

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