The Supremes – Back in my Arms Again

First Hit #1: June 12, 1965

There sure are a lot of songs about dating men your friends don’t like. The Supremes aren’t really a stranger to the subject, and yet again Diana Ross is singing about someone all her friends don’t approve of, and explaining why she must ignore those friends. One of the troubles with genuinely good songs coming late in a string of hits is that there’s not much interesting you can say about them. This is a pretty typical Supremes track, tackling subjects and styles that they’ve been covering pretty thoroughly until now. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a typical Supremes track, they had a string of hits based on their recognizable style and the quality of the songs presented. If Back In My Arms Again is another example of what made the group famous, there’s nothing wrong with that, because it’s a winning formula and the group is absolutely fantastic at presenting that formula. And it’s a great song all around, catchy and fun with a hint of longing that Ross can get across so well. I just feel like a doofus for having very little to say about it.

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