The McCoys – Hang on Sloopy

First Hit #1: October 2, 1965

So, I was looking for an appropriate video to attach to this, and I kept finding strange political nonsense. That probably would make sense with Eve of Destruction yesterday, since that was a full on protest song. But Hang on Sloopy? It’s a song about loving someone from the wrong side of the tracks, in that fun, loose, style that became popular in the mid-60s. It might be tied to the Vietnam era, but it’s all about the catchy chorus and picking up girls. It also seems to be the official song of Ohio, because it’s a song that’s great to play at sports games and Ohio possibly realized this before anyone else. And why is it so great as a sports anthem? It’s instantly recognizable, fun to sing along to, and has no political connotations that could possibly offend anyone! It should be something that gets the crowd going and pumped to watch some sports. As a result, I’m very confused by the internet’s insistence on ruining it.

I got sidetracked from the real purpose of this by the people of the internet. I apologize for that.

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