The Supremes – I Hear a Symphony

First Hit #1: November 20, 1965

The charts needed this. After a year where some of the biggest hits were about loneliness, anger and depression the Supremes come in with a song about pure, unfiltered happiness. It is, of course a love song, about how wonderful the lady feels in the arms of her beloved, but the song itself is just an explosion of good feelings. Ross sounds possibly the happiest she has ever been, the other Supremes stand out in their own way, pushing through the mix and the backing track explodes with sheer joy all over the place. It’s just refreshing to hear a song that’s not only about good feelings, but is composed in such a way that good feelings dominate the mood surrounding it.

Even more important, it does this without ever feeling forced or saccharine. It’s not overly sweet and sentimental, it’s not cloying in any way. It’s just happy, every element there as just another way to make the track more joyful. It’s proof that you can do happy without making it unbearable, and this is much better and more effective than any of the more forced attempts to make a happy song.

I dare say that if you listen to I Hear a Symphony and aren’t filled with a rush of good feelings, there might be something medically wrong with you.

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