Dave Clark Five – Over and Over

First Hit #1: December 25, 1965

We round out 1965 with a song that pretty neatly sums up the decade so far, though perhaps not the year in question. Musically, it’s the love child of the Beatles and the various girl group, structurally taking cues from the latter while bearing arrangement cues from the early years of the former. Lyrically, it draws from the teenage experience, being a song about getting rejected at a party. Overall, it really hits on what the early half of the decade was all about, and it also reminds one why the early part of that decade was so interesting. Sure, it’s not the greatest song in the first five years of the ’60s, but it’s never boring, and it maintains that focus on fun and the teenage experience. It doesn’t take long for things to start going in different directions, so it’s nice to hear a song that sums up that first half of the decade so well.

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