The Troggs – Wild Thing

First Hit #1: July 30, 1966

Returning to the awfully brilliant or brilliantly awful comparison, here’s Wild Thing, which is objectively terrible and also has a flute breakdown. The lyrics are simplistic, go nowhere and are sung badly. The guitar riff is distinctive, but it’s simplistic, and I’m not entirely convinced the song is in tune. And, as anyone familiar with the song already knows, in spite of being objectively terrible it’s actually pretty great. While looking at music from a purely logical perspective would make one consider it downright abysmal – I’m sure many monocles popped off into champagne glasses when it first showed up – the heart wants what it wants, and the heart wants what sounds like the last song recorded on a week’s long bender. Sure, apes with guitars could manage a credible cover of the thing with little difficulty, but that’s sort of what makes it great. It sounds like a party, and it sounds like fun to shout along with at a party. Plus, it has a flute breakdown, which seems both insane and perfect. Objectively, yeah, it’s terrible, but art is subjective, and I honestly can’t get enough of it.

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