? and the Mysterians – 96 Tears

First Hit #1: October 29, 1966

A few times in this project I’ve encountered songs that turn out to be a lot better than I remember them being. 96 Tears is not one of those songs, since the more I listened to it the less I liked it, and I remember being pretty fond of it originally when it would pop up on the local oldies station. I suppose the reason might be that I’m actually paying attention now, while just having it in the background it can fade in and out of your consciousness as it shuffles between being good and being kind of annoying. There is good here, but it struggles to maintain its 3 minute running time, and there’s not really much there. It’s quite repetitive, and while parts are pretty catchy other parts seem to reveal that ? forgot to finish writing the song. Not that simple songs can’t work, but ? seems strangely desperate as he demands someone cry 96 Tears over and over again.

Also annoying? The stupid band name. ? and the Mysterians is the kind of band name that makes me want to break an arm.

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