The Rolling Stones – Ruby Tuesday

First Hit #1: March 4, 1967

So this is 2012, the year that a bunch of ancient people ran out of calendar space causing morons to believe the world will explode. Seriously, the Mayan Prophecy isn’t even a thing that exists, it’s a calendar, and if you believe the world is going to explode I’ll bet you a million dollars that it won’t.

I got sidetracked, we’re talking about Ruby Tuesday, a song that makes me go and revise some old statements about the Rolling Stones. I’ve said before that the band is at its best when there’s a bit of danger, but let’s not make the mistake of saying that the band is exclusively about danger. Ruby Tuesday isn’t a dangerous song in the least, there’s recorder for god’s sake, the world’s least dangerous instrument. It’s a wistful remembrance of a slightly mysterious lover who has gone away that somehow also has a chorus you can shout along drunk to. It’s the kinder, gentler Rolling Stones, and the gamble pays off. It is a bit cute, but it’s also genuine and really sweet. Plus, the band has somehow made the recorder sound cool, an instrument which has the primary purpose of annoying your family until your mother hides it under some towels. That feat alone makes this song worthwhile.

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