The Supremes – Love is Here and Now You’re Gone

First Hit #1: March 11, 1967

The trouble with this project is that with really big groups – and the Supremes count among them – you eventually say everything there is to say about the music, and struggle to think of anything else interesting to say about them, but also don’t want to give the impression that you don’t like the latest song. Love is Here is a really good song, perhaps not in the upper echelon of Supremes hits but that says more about the Supremes catalog than it does about the song itself. It is pretty typical for the group, though it does have spoken word segments that give a touch of gravity in a world where everyone has a big emotive voice. It’s everything that makes the Supremes a perpetual chart topper, but while that makes for a good piece of music it also means there’s not much I can say about it. The Supremes and their handlers know what works, and they use that knowledge to make a recording that is quite high quality if certainly in the realm of typical Supremes hits. No sense fixing something that isn’t broken, and all around this is a high quality song I can’t think of much interesting to say about.

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