The Supremes – The Happening

First Hit #1: May 13, 1967

Can anyone take the title “The Happening” seriously again after the disastrous M. Night Shyamalanadingdong/Marky Mark collaboration? While you consider that, here’s the song The Happening which is very good, and not at all about evil grass or whatever that terrible movie was about. Instead, it’s a relentlessly positive sounding song about a horrible life changing break-up that sends the lead singer into what sounds like a deep depression. This is possibly the most amazing disconnect between music and lyrics I have ever heard, a song where a woman is questioning whether life is worthwhile anymore over the happiest, poppiest beat known to man. It’s amazing, you’ll be bouncing along to the song enjoying the day and so on, and bam, you notice a lyric and the dark subject matter hits you hard. It’s a trick that’s been used many times before, but the disconnect here is so vast it’s kind of awe inspiring. And since both music and lyrics are so solid, it doesn’t matter that the tones are fighting to the death, the song works anyway. Brilliant.

Also, remember that this was recorded in the ’60s, so the breakup wasn’t caused by going to The Happening on a date. Though that could have been possible while the Happening was still in theaters.

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