The Association – Windy

First Hit #1: July 1, 1967

I’ve mention Petula Clark and her ability to sing a jingle like nobody’s business. Now, here’s the Association and Windy, which is the greatest sitcom theme song that was never actually a sitcom theme song. It’s got it all, a happy, bouncy sound, a concise description of a lead character, and the ability to be cut down for a short opening credits sequence. Windy could be running around the city doing wacky things, meeting all the other characters of the sitcom as she goes about her business, and then we get to see her wacky adventures as a young woman navigating the complicated world of fashion journalism. It’s catchy enough that you can’t help but singing along, but happy enough that you really don’t mind. And, at the end of the day, you’ve got an iconic theme that everyone will associate with your series, which will be popular enough to go into syndication and get a splashy DVD release.

But, somehow, this didn’t happen, and we’ve got the perfect sitcom theme song without a sitcom tied to it. The more I listen to it, the more I think I’d really like to watch this Windy show, she seems like a pretty fun character, why wasn’t it made?

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