Lulu – To Sir With Love

First hit #1: October 21, 1967

One line has always bothered me about To Sir With Love, and that’s the one about taking the singer “from crayons to perfume.” The rest of the song is a perfectly innocent tribute to a beloved teacher, but perfume makes them seem uncomfortably close, or at least that there was some sort of romantic connection between singer and teacher. Maybe it bothers me only because I knew a girl who really wanted to pick up one of her high school teachers, and it was weird and uncomfortable to whoever knew her (and then she decided to pursue me, and I really didn’t want any part of that). Knowing it’s possible for a young woman to become attracted to her teacher like that, it makes it decidedly weird when the lyrics make them seem uncomfortably close.

Otherwise, the song is innocent, apart from my own hangups, and is an appropriate theme song to a film about a beloved educator. And honestly, don’t let my hangups make it impossible for you to enjoy the song. I just personally find it pretty difficult, is all.

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