John Fred and his Playboy Band – Judy in Disguise (with Glasses)

First hit #1: January 20, 1968

A new year, a new way to be inspired by the Beatles, it appears. The title of this song is a clear parody of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, and it was reportedly inspired by that same song, but it’s a fair bit different overall. Sure, it’s certainly borrowing that sitar-tinged branch of psychedelia that’s the style at the time, but Fred really wants to make a fast driving dance song, and if having a passing similarity with a Beatles tune helps it move records, well, that’s not a problem now, is it?

It’s an interesting song because it’s clearly trying to recall another song by a somewhat more famous band, but has no intention of sounding anything like it. In this case, that works, because it is a fun track and I don’t think Fred and crew would be happy doing much else. They know what they want, and they want a fun song that’s a bit catchy and a bit clever. Good on them.

As a side note, you’ll probably notice that today, January 18, is the day most of the internet is going black to protest SOPA and PIPA. I agree with them in spirit, but not in practice, for the simple reason that I need to keep the pace. I’m well aware that this kind of project could be in danger if the bills pass, and as much as I want to put a simple disclaimer up and skip the day I’ve got to keep going. Not that I have that many readers anyway, and this is entirely a personal experiment, which means that me blacking out won’t impact anything so screw it, I’m going to keep doing content.

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