Bobby Goldsboro – Honey

First Hit #1: April 13, 1968

This has been an odd year so far, 1968. Songs are becoming hits that seem out of place given the years that have come before, and given the extremely solid run of pop music for several years now it’s strange to hear an instrumental, or something like Honey, which is a story song where nothing really happens and it actually sounds less intelligent the more you listen to it. It’s the story of an oblivious man who ignores the signs of severe mental illness in his lover, and then she dies in a very sanitized manner. It’s not the worst of these dead lover songs – Honey, at least, doesn’t do something profoundly stupid like run in front of a train to get a ring – but it is kind of strange in how she’s clearly suffering from mental illness, but nobody notices.

That said, Goldsboro isn’t a bad singer and the production is okay, so the song is slightly better than its reputation might suggest. In fact, while some people consider it one of the worst songs written it’s actually pretty competent overall. At the very least, you never get the impression that the dead lover deserved it, which is a lot more than you can say for most songs of this type.

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