Hugh Masekela – Grazing in the Grass

First Hit #1: July 20, 1968

Continuing the very strange year of 1968, here’s our second instrumental. I like instrumentals, so this isn’t a bad thing, but how often do you get two in a year? Almost never, especially since the introduction of the Hot 100. But here it is, a cowbell laden trumpet composition that sounds like a natural progression from that Herb Alpert song from yesterday. It’s nothing earth shattering, but it has a decent bit of atmosphere and it’s well recorded. Yes, those are possibly the dullest things one can say about a song, but it’s true – the song is totally competent in every way. Not to sell Masekela short, he’s doing a good job here, and the cowbell gives it a bit of an interesting touch, but you’re not exactly on the cusp of a musical revolution. In essence, like most of 1968, it’s somewhat unexpected and very nice, a song that one can enjoy immensely if they encounter it, but then forget if they feel like it.

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