The Beatles – Hey Jude

First Hit #1: September 28, 1968

Everyone always talks about how Yoko Ono ruined the Beatles, but I can’t say that I agree with that. Whatever your opinion of her, the band was having some obvious troubles already, and they likely would have broken up anyway whether or not Ono showed up. Besides, she did indirectly inspire one of the best hits of their catalog. Sure, it was inspired by a divorce she caused, but hell, pain does help the artistic process doesn’t it?

Yes, as the famous story goes, Hey Jude was written to comfort Julian Lennon, and then it evolved into a track that had a triumphant – yet extremely lengthy – ending that introduced more nanas to a playlist than a Carmen Miranda marathon. It’s an interesting build to that ending, growing more elaborate and enthusiastic as it reaches that point, before basically exploding at the three minute mark into a different – if related – song. It’s an interesting idea, and the song almost mirrors the advice in the song – make things better, and then it turns into a party. I say almost because I think the first half is better musically, but hey, that’s nitpicking, it’s overall a quality piece of encouragement and a classic for a good reason.

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