Sly and the Family Stone – Everyday People

First Hit #1: February 15, 1969

It’s surprising how much this song has influenced the modern lexicon, at least according to the internet (which is never wrong). Different strokes for different folks? This is where it comes from. Scooby Doo? The name came from here.

What isn’t surprising is the content and the message. Taking a similar tack to People Got To Be Free, Sly and the Family Stone decide that the best way to talk about tolerance and the need for people to get along is to make a song that you can dance to. In this case, it’s more of a mid-tempo number, but it’s catchy as hell, has some clever wordplay, and is just kind of fun to have on in different situations. The message works because it’s just a song that makes you happy, and as a result implies that if you hang out with all kinds of people just like Sly Stone, you’re going to be even more happy. It doesn’t preach so much as set an example, and that example is one you can dance to.

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