Henry Mancini – Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet

First Hit #1: June 28, 1969

One thing that’s striking about this song is how very simple it is. While it does go into some lush orchestration and prominent choir, at its core it’s just a simple, short, and rather beautiful bit of piano. I can’t imagine a world where hearing it on the radio wouldn’t be a little odd, especially coming right after Get Back, but that’s just because it’s very different from a typical piece of pop music, not a knock against the song itself. Overall, it’s the kind of song that has emotional resonance and can stand out and draw attention to itself with little more than one instrument. While there’s no question that it’s a very atypical song to reach the pinnacle of the charts, there’s nothing wrong with coming out of left field, and I can’t help but think it’d be nice to have a simple piano track hitting the charts again.

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