The Temptations – I Can’t Get Next To You

First Hit #1: October 18, 1969

One thing about this song is that it’s a rare song that emphasizes that it’s a vocal group, rather than a prominent singer with a bunch of talented people on backup vocals – the Supremes method. The song has the members trading lines throughout the verses, and it’s arranged to show off the distinct vocal styles of each member rather than putting it all together into a whole. Nobody’s the star, it’s a cohesive whole but also emphasizes the different voices of the group members.

Another thing about it is that it’s apparently a love song from the perspective of a god. Given the description of the things that the various members of the Temptations can do, I’d like to pretend this was what God was singing when trying to get Mary to give up the goods – it could also be Zeus, but Zeus would just do something silly like turn into a swan. This guy does feats unimaginable, but all he wants to do is get laid, which is touching and kind of tragic, though it is placed in the context of a very upbeat and energetic song, so you can’t feel too bad. It’s done for contrast, but it gives it a weird edge that it might not have had otherwise.

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